To be a small business is not easy. It often involves one person being the strategist, marketer, project coordinator and also deliverer. With the many direction in which the small business is being pulled, it is easy to overlook thoughtful consideration for digital solutions, and its capability to position the business better in the digital economy.


And although I often speak out about technology not being the primary concern when attempting digitalisation, I need to revise my guidance for small business. For in their case it seems as if technology is one of the areas where more focus needs to go. Let me clarify.


The digital era makes it possible to perform many things in an automated way and many other things online using mobile devices. From making appointments to having meetings, from taking orders to providing feedback, from arranging delivery to sending invoices. Yet it is astonishing to see the amount of small business still not using any of the automation available to ease the burden.


It is understandable though, since many business owners just do not know much about technology and then do not know where to turn for advice. The overhead involved is seen as a hinderance and not entertained from the onset.


But there is good news. There are many options with the most advanced solutions for CRM, Marketing and mail, that does not break the bank, giving the small business owner more freedom to spend on the things that matter. Options positioned to grow with the business as the digital side of the business starts working its magic to enable growth. You just need to be open to what is available and possible.


So not to exclude anyone, here some of the types of businesses I experience to be extremely ripe for digitisation in some fashion or another. The first shortlist contains Financial Advisory, Plumbing, Hair and Beauty, Electrical, Automotive, Events Management, Personal Care, Pet Care, Veterinarian services and Home Improvement. There are many digital capabilities that will make business easier for you as the business owner, and attract customers for approachability and ease of use.


Consider your options and take action. The alternative of your customers turning to a competitor, more approachable in the digital economy, is not a nice thought.