During her diverse business career, Sarina has worked for large corporates in various industries, both locally and internationally, as employee and as consultant, with specific focus on the enabling architecture of the business.

Her interest in “the architecture of the enterprise”, saw her participate in the evolution of international architecture, mining and telecommunications standards since 2007, leading workgroups and acting as Forum Director.  Her love for the subject of architecture, saw her teaching TOGAF and the pragmatic practice of Enterprise Architecture from 2008 in South Africa, Norway, UK and China.

Her varied experience with teaching , automating capabilities , customer experiences and real world research , brought her face to face with the realities of debilitating habits hindering businesses in their quest to change and embrace the digital economy. This lead to her book on the subject entitled “The Pitfalls Of Going Digital”, where she describes the common myths endangering the success of digital transformation efforts.

Sarina now combines her passion of Public Speaking, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation by delivering to the point insights on the subject of Digital Transformation Pitfalls. She engages with big audiences as well as with specific client groups where she takes examples from the business to make the issues of customer experience and transformation hit home.


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