I was intrigued to learn of exciting projects happening in the banking sector, focusing on employee engagement and experience. The reality that employees form the basis of customer experience is, of course, the drive behind the projects; however, to learn that big banks are doing these projects to positively influence customer experience culture, was a welcome surprise.

The challenge of tackling organisational culture is often so abstract and difficult that it seems a bit silly to think that it could be as easy as starting with the employee experience to understand where to focus efforts. But it makes perfect sense — we’ve all experienced the power a passionate employee has on your sense of a business, as well as the reverse.


It’s also exciting to hear that employee benefits and rewards, as the internal equivalent to customer value, is a particular focus of the same employee experience focus in the bank. The goal here is to address the gap for employees who are not always explicitly aware of the benefits associated with being an employee of the organisation. Reminding them of the benefits keeps them motivated.


Rewards may play a role in instilling specific behaviour and ensure employees feel valued so that they can portray their sense of value when interacting with the end customer. Motivated and valued employees channel their positivity towards customers, and positive customers impact the business through positive engagement. All in all, the cycle is towards a pleasant, repeatable, customer experience.


Employee experience as the internal equivalent to customer experience requires equal amounts of attention in digital transformation initiatives. Since a digitalisation business model change is so heavily dependent on organisational culture, employee experience and change management are fundamental components to your digital transformation success.


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