Complimentary Customer-Centric
Digital Strategy Session

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Don’t Sabotage Your Digital Transformation
By Ignoring Core Business Issues!

Sarina Viljoen is recognised as the global authority on customer-centric digital transformation. For over a decade, she has been sought after by senior executives to assist with complex organisational issues that were not dealt with prior to going “digital.”

Sarina has worked with numerous public and private organisations as an enterprise and business architect, advising them on how to create solid foundations in information and communications technology before embarking on their digital transformation journeys.

Sarina’s strength is identifying the foundational issues that businesses wrestle with around digital transformation and putting measures into place to plug the holes before customers are lost through the cracks.

This is an opportunity to benefit from Sarina’s expertise and knowledge. The digital age has overshadowed the real issues of business such as how to best present your business and how to best serve the customer. How do you integrate these core challenges into a digital ecosystem and not lose your customers?

If you’re an executive accountable for the successful outcome of your organisation’s digital “road map,” you can’t afford to be without this indispensable book that details the direct and indirect costs associated with digital transformation.

Doing business digitally has changed the traditional business model of dealing with customers a great deal. It has removed the human ways in which we interacted with customers before the digital age and replaced them with detailed transactions fueled by technology.

A consultation with Sarina Viljoen will give you the insights and strategies you need to ensure your organisation’s digital “roadmap” is not at risk for losing customers before spending millions of dollars on solutions.

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