About Sarina

Sarina Viljoen is recognised as the global authority on customer-centric digital transformation. She has worked with numerous public and private organisations as business architect, advising them on how to enable solid foundations for their digital transformation journeys through visualising complex business problems.

Sarina’s strength is identifying the customer-affecting issues that businesses wrestle with around digital transformation, and putting measures in place to avoid losing the customer in the journey to a new business model.

With her background in computer sciences and her knack for computational reasoning, Sarina is recognised for unveiling the heart of “being digital” and defining mechanisms to support strategic decisions for investment and prioritisation.

For over a decade, Sarina has been sought after by senior executives to assist with complex organisational issues that were not dealt with prior to going “digital.”


Customer Centric Digital Partners is a collaboration of partners with the customer at the centre of their design philosophy. With many years of experience in digital business, the partners are sought-after to assist customer-centric digital transformation efforts.