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Don’t Sabotage Your Digital Transformation
By Ignoring Core Business Issues


The Pitfalls Of “Going Digital”
(Putting The Cart Before The Horse)

For Senior Executives Responsible For Strategising And Executing A Market-Leading Digital
“Road Map” For Their Organisations


Don’t Put Your Financial Goals At Risk
Through Failing To Plan

Doing business digitally has fundamentally changed the way we deal with customers – no more personalised assistance on the shop floor or attention to the nuances of a customer’s complaint over the phone.

The human ways in which we interacted with customers have been replaced by business rules executed by algorithms fuelled by technology.

How do we ensure that the digital age, with its great capabilities, do not overshadowed the real issues of doing business – issues of how to best serve our customer?

In this groundbreaking book for senior executives, you’ll discover:

  • The critical elements you need to ensure that your digital “cart and horse” are hitched in the right order and pulling in the same direction (focus on the wrong items and pay a steep price)
  • How your approach to digital business impacts your ability to capture and keep customers (today’s highly competitive, disruptive digital economy won’t slow down for you to catch up)
  • The hidden pitfalls that could ultimately sabotage your digital transformation results (don’t wait until it’s too late to handle these internal signals)
  • The role of technology vs. business in becoming a digital company (if you emphasize one too much, your chances for success are slim to none)


Sarina Viljoen is recognised as the global authority on customer-centric digital transformation.

She has worked with numerous public and private organisations as business architect, advising them on how to enable solid foundations for their digital transformation journeys through visualising complex business problems.

Sarina’s strength is identifying the customer-affecting issues that businesses wrestle with during digital transformation,and putting measures in place to avoid losing the customer in the journey to a new business model. With her background in computer sciences and her knack for computational reasoning Sarina is recognised for unveiling the heart of “being digital” and defining mechanisms to support strategic decisions for investment and prioritisation.

For over a decade, Sarina has been sought after by senior executives to assist with complex organisational issues that were not dealt with prior to going “digital.”

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“Working with Sarina had been a great professional experience. We built a fresh approach to IT for digital business that leveraged data analytics, empowered by business architecture and centered on customer experience. Her structured thinking is versatile and lets her attack new challenges in diverse fields. She is effective at bringing clarity, listening and leading by persuasion, embracing or promoting new ideas, and training people.”

Giovanni Traverso

General Manager & Senior Business Transformation Consultant, Huawei

“Sarina was an advisor, lead architect and facilitator selected to assist Norway’s South-East Healthcare Trust to formalize its business architecture and to define a strategic approach and tools for “person and patient centricity.” She performed her engagements with a rare combination of knowledge, people skills, structure, and tenacity and never let the team lose sight of the purpose of the patient at the center of what we are doing. I highly recommend Sarina to anyone embarking on a digital journey!”

Roar Engen

Partner and Chief Enterprise Architect at Primesource, Norway

Based on her experience, Sarina knows that there is more to successful digital transformation than technology alone. Businesses must address their core challenges, such as how to present their business and how to interact with customers, or the most advanced technology will fall short in delivering long-term growth.

In her new book The Pitfalls Of “Going Digital”, Sarina shines the spotlight on the myths that senior executives must know to win the digital battle for customers. Through case studies and personal insights, she will show you how to ensure your digital “road map” is not at risk before spending millions of dollars on customer solutions.

In this breakthrough book, you’ll discover:

  • The most common mistakes organisations make with customer-centric digital transformations
  • How to develop and ensure flexibility for your organisation’s digital future
  • How to interact with customers digitally in a way that mimics human interaction and secures repeat business
  • Why using current operations to serve digital customers is a recipe for disaster